Who We Are.

Delmont Laboratories, Inc. is a privately held company with its core focus in developing products that treat staphylococcal skin infection. We are committed to ongoing research to better understand and develop treatments for this condition and to protect dogs from recurrence and ensuing methicillin-resistant bacteria.

Our product Staphage Lysate (SPL)® has proven highly effective in providing long-term control of this resistant condition. It is unique in that it is a whole bacterial cell preparation from common virulent Staph strains that have been solubilized through the use of polyvalent staphylococcal bacteriophage.

We work collaboratively with veterinarians everywhere who treat staphylococcal skin infection. Our experience can be a valuable resource. We also provide direct access to a board certified veterinary dermatologist to answer any questions and guide you through the treatment process. We recognize the complexity and challenges surrounding diagnosis and treatment of this condition.


Our History.

Staphage Lysate (SPL)® was licensed for human use in 1952 in the United States. The utility of bacteriophage and the lysates in the treatment of staphylococcal infections was reported by Robert Lincoln, MD in 1948. He also recognized that the staphylococcal phage lysates were particularly useful in the treatment of immune compromised patients and patients with chronic skin infections such as furunculosis and folliculitis.

Dr. Lincoln helped found Lincoln Laboratories that is now known as Delmont Laboratories. In 1986 Delmont Laboratories applied to the U. S. Department of Agriculture for a veterinary license for the use of Staphage Lysate (SPL)® in the treatment of recurrent canine pyoderma. (USDA True Name: Staphylococcus aureus Phage Lysate). The USDA license was issued in 1987. (Note: Staphage Lysate (SPL)® is not currently sold for human use).

Delmont Laboratories has subsequently obtained veterinary licenses in Canada (English speaking 1992, French speaking 2000) and in Brazil (2001).

The President.

Dr. David Ganfield, president of Delmont Laboratories, has dedicated his career to studying and researching immune response. With over 45 years of experience in the field of Biochemistry, Dr. Ganfield's research has led to widespread implementation of Staphage Lysate which reduces the recurrence of Staph Skin Infection in dogs. Over 150,000 dogs have been successfully treated by thousands of veterinarians across four continents during Dr. Ganfield's tenure at Delmont Laboratories.

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